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You Are Super!

You have super powers and I can prove it!

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Um… well… there that is.

Life has gotten unimaginably hectic lately. I work full-time (and a lot of overtime), I film, I write, I exercise, I’m going to grad school, I have friends, I have family, I have a girlfriend, I’m helping to edit an awesome anthology, I’m participating in nanowrimo, I’m inexplicably going to a Rihanna concert tomorrow that I do NOT have time for but I was inspired by this post and though I feel like I’m wearing myself very thin- I’m loving my life.

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Rihanna is also shocked by my hectic schedule.

Part of the reason I can love my life is that I’m starting… keyword STARTING to use my super powers!

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Finally found a way to get enough experience points, yo!

I think we’re all born with some kind of super power. It’s just up to us to figure out what that power is and to use it to its full potential. Unfortunately, our super powers seem boring, so we don’t tend to see them immediately. We have to have others see them and on top of that, we have to acknowledge that this thing is something peculiar about ourselves.

My peculiarities are: being able to wake up early (even though I’m actually more of a night owl when given the opportunity), having an especially high amount of energy and endurance (traits you probably share if anyone has ever called you a spaz) and an intense desire to see improvement in the world (I’m driven).

These traits are meaningless if I don’t use them, however. I wasn’t for the longest time. I got to work early and got off work earlier than most to just spend my time napping or watching cartoons. Adventure Time and Regular Show are some shameful SHAMEFUL addictions of mine. Yes, yes I am in fact an adult… you can shove it.

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Anyway, I have only started to recently use my superpowers; but, the results have been tremendous. I’ve found myself getting much more done and still having time to do the things I love; like writing in this blog! I’ve used my ability to get up early to take care of e-mails and clutter at work. I’ve used my time more wisely when getting home which has given me the ability to exercise more, which makes me feel 100 percent better about myself and my general state of being. On the flip side of that, I’ve used my innate energy to focus more on my writing right before bed instead of just mindlessly scrolling through web pages when my body is tired but my mind is not.

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Seriously… if she had some extra fingers she could add Reddit and StumbleUpon and have good documentation of my productivity killers.

So seriously, give it some thought. What are some things that your friends or colleagues have complimented you on or even been annoyed by? (Remember having a lot of energy makes me a spaz, but I can still use my spaz-powers for good!) Use those things to your advantage! They’re things your naturally good at. Instead of wasting them on mindless pursuits, use them to further your career or to pursue your passions! I did and though I still struggle- it has truly made a big difference in my life; and hopefully, by extension, the lives of others.

I hope this post helps you in some way and as always…

Much Love,

-Brandon Holly-

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Change Yourself First

Before I really get into this post I just wanted to point people into the direction of my links page. It’s up at the top near my home and about page. It has a lot of really interesting links and things I find inspirational. Anyway, just check ’em out if you’re feeling stagnant . . . or bored.

“When there’s nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire” – Stars

I confirmed my invitation, making my official status as a PCV even MORE official.

In other news . . .

I have been seriously contemplating the idea of changing things for the better. I make sure I always add “for the better” because just saying that I want to change things could mean anything. In any case, I learned that in Aikido (at least according to a lot of websites) there is a creed. That creed is, “Change yourself first, before looking to change your opponent, and in the process, you might find that your opponent has changed himself”

Thus, I am looking for little ways in which to change myself. My first step was to start exercising more. So far so good on that one. I have run at least 30 minutes 5 days out of the week. Not too bad, right?

My next step is to write everyday. Writing that has nothing to do with this blog. I will try to write in this everyday until I leave, but I also need to do some “extra-curricular” writing.

I hope this works!

Also, I have decided to give lucid dreaming a try. Am I dreaming? *clicks bedroom light on and off* No, I must be awake. I started this yesterday. I haven’t had one, but at least I am remembering my dreams. Which is a huge step for me!

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –