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Graduate School makes this blog extremely difficult to keep up. Nonetheless, I will try to at least post a thought or two each week. Ya’ know, something to chew on to tide you over until I can start blogging with a bit more abandon.

With that said, I was listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast and the conversation he was having with his guest, a Canadian with a French sounding name Stefan Molyneux, gave me a thought…

There IS no Canada like FRENCH Canada. I've never had this, but I'm highly interested.

There IS no Canada like FRENCH Canada. I’ve never had this (Poutine), but I’m highly interested.

My blog is mostly about self-improvement, but with the angle that enough self-improved individuals can in fact get the world to change into a better place. I call it selfless-self-improvement. 😉 I’m just kidding!

But, in all seriousness.

Gandhi is often paraphrased as saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

[His actual words were: If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.]

Either way, it is an interesting statement, right? It’s the basic idea that fuels this blog.

Well, what if governments ran by those rules? Do they already and it just so happens that the change they want to see is selfish? But, even selfish intentions can benefit everyone. In order to thrive and prosper, the people living in the world must thrive and prosper as well. Economies only work when everyone contributes, not just a select few. So, I again postulate; what if governments applied the rule of inward change for outward progress to themselves?

Just think about it…

I know one thing, nations would be a LOT cuter if they became more Gandhi-esque

Just look at that punim!

Just look at that punim!

Much Love,

-Brandon Holly-


My Passions

I love writing. I love writing because of what it does for me. It helps me wind down and it motivates me. The problem? Staying motivated to write!

Which is often the case for all of my passions and hobbies. I’m starting to realize that my desire to create real positive change and to improve this world, is connected to how positive my outlook is overall. When I get too bogged down by work and responsibilities to do the things I really enjoy, I begin to feel jaded and unmotivated. A wise man once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

A Wise Man

And truth be told- I don’t want to live in a jaded and unmotivated world. Thus, it would seem to me that being the change you wish to see in the world, is also living the life you’d like to see others live. And if I want others to live happy, successful, fulfilled lives, then I too should be striving for a happy, successful, fulfilled life. If I want others to fulfill goals and live their dreams, then I should be doing the same.

Having the classiest "fist pump" might not be MY dream, but...

With that said, I’m going to be on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule I adhered to pre-Peace Corps! That’s right! Scheduled posts! I might (read: probably will) post a random one on other days of the week when I feel so inspired, but you’ll at LEAST see a post three times a week. Why? Because writing is a passion of mine and I shouldn’t forget that just because other things in my life creep in and take my time, doesn’t mean I should put the things that bring me joy on the back burner.

Admittedly, this isn’t the most compelling post in the world. However, you’ll love it because you understand the significance of this post. This post is the beginning of an era. A HOLLY era…

dun Dun DUN…..

In fact, I took another step towards doing things that fulfill me just the other day! I sent in a resume and headshot to an improv group! (I found their use of Comic Sans endearing, you overcritical graphic designer) So… wish me luck on that!

I know what you're thinking... but I'm taken.


Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


Stand Up

“Stand up, we shall not be moved, accept by a child with no socks or shoes”

If I start to lose my fervor. I just recall things that have inspired me. The song “Stand Up” by Flobots is one such inspiration. The song speaks of several atrocities and corruption. It urges the listener to “stand up” and to not be silent. It urges the listener to band together with other people to stop the world’s leaders from making decisions that destroy the world and to help those less fortunate. The band is really into activism.

It may sound corny, but that song always reminds me of the fact that if the world has no purpose, then THAT will be my purpose. It may not be possible, maybe human nature works against this ideal, but I will not stop fighting for peace and against suffering. Why not? Even if it is an uphill battle is it not better to die fighting for good than to die being complacent?

Speaking of fighting . . .

I am starting to read a book called Huey: Spirit of the Panther it is about the founder of the Black Panther Party. The man was a mixture of strength, anger, persuasion, and intelligence. He fed people, he clothed people, he empowered people, and he committed several crimes. Huey P. Newton excites me in the way Che Guevara excites me. It seems to me that in order to be a true revolutionary you have to mix mischievousness, passion, and a strong desire to help people.

Huey and Che end up helping the lower stratum of society, but it cost them their lives. Huey and Che were also Robin Hood type figures. They both had a way of disregarding the law.

(No, media pirates, you are not revolutionaries. I can’t say that I haven’t joined your ranks a few times, but it ain’t noble . . . it just is)

It makes me wonder if that’s what it takes. Not necessarily stealing from people or killing people, Martin Luther King Jr. never did that, but being ridiculously headstrong.

I found something a bit disturbing. Martin, Malcolm, Huey, and Che were all shot. Slightly more disturbing is that all but Malcolm got doctorate degrees. ESPECIALLY disturbing is the fact that Dr. King, Malcolm X, and Dr. Guevara all died at the age of 39. They all died at the exact same age. Weird, right?

It makes me worry about my own fate. What happens if I keep this whole “wanting to change the world” mess stuck in my head?

The good news! Dr. Newton lived to be 47 and Gandhi lasted until he was 78. The bad news. They were both still shot, just like the others.

What is a young could-be revolutionary to do? Should I go into hiding after my revolutions? Should I stop the public from looking for me? Perhaps I’ll change my name. Ha!

Watch my back! That’s what I’ll do! Ain’t NOBODY takin’ me down!

I hope.

“If you’ve got a dream and a lot to do, put your hands up”

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –