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Hey Kids!

I’m not actually dead.

Not today... death.

Not today… death.

I’ve just been busy.


Something that I’ve been troubled about lately, has been my unwillingness to volunteer. I used to volunteer all of the time. Hell, I even gave two years of my life for the sole purpose of volunteering. However, lately I haven’t been giving myself the time.

I write, I read, and I work 40+ hours every week. Not to mention all of the time I spend doing improv and just general relaxation time. But, I still enjoy helping people and it hurts my soul to not be doing that. And I don’t want that to sound pretentious. It reminds me of a blog a fellow RPCV of mine wrote that stuck with me. He spoke of his volunteer service as something that lacks any kind of special altruism.

Oh, you dedicated nearly a third of your twenties to do relief work? You must be SOOO generous...

Oh, you dedicated nearly a third of your twenties to do relief work? You must be SOOO generous…

I agree with his blog for the most part. In the blog he writes of his experience as something that he just happened to be doing. My desire to continue volunteering is something that just happens to be of interest to me. But, that does not make me noble. For instance, saving lives as a doctor would be more noble and helpful. But, I am not inclined to be a doctor any more than some doctors would have been inclined to join the Peace Corps.

With that said, contrary to the tone I started this blog with. I just recently volunteered!

I did an improv presentation and demonstration with about 15 underprivileged kids and nothing in the world can compare to my elation! There is this place called Studio 222 and they do this amazing middle school after school program for kids in the Oklahoma City area. They pick the kids up from school, they feed them, they teach them all types of different art, and then take them home! It’s like latchkey on steroids. The directors and artists that help run the program clearly have a strong beautiful passion for the kids and the kids are absolutely amazing.

Yes, as a matter of fact they ARE cooler than you.

Yes, as a matter of fact they ARE cooler than you.

I, with the help of my good friend Raychel, led a short little presentation concerning improv, what it can do for you (the answer is a LOT), and then had the kids do a few improv exercises.

I was floundering a lot, but with Ray’s help we pulled it off. And apparently the kids loved it! The community atmosphere is addicting and the program’s passion for The Arts is spectacular.

I haven’t had that much fun in a long time and it only strengthens my resolve to become an educator in some way shape or form. It also whet my appetite for more volunteering. It’s strange how wonderful helping other people makes you feel. Seriously, if you are a selfish mother lover. Then you should be volunteering like crazy! It may seem like doing work for other people, but it actually brings YOU more joy. Thus, even the most callous of hearts should be getting their volunteer on!

All of these men should have just volunteered!

All of these men should have just volunteered!

Much Love,

-Brandon Holly-


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