Idealism, Philosophy

Yes vs. No

Ok, I’m sorry. This blog is supposed to be uplifting and motivating. However, I’m going to vent for just ONE moment….

I hate this… and as an English Major I think it’s allowed:

This showed up when I searched for “English Major” in Google Images. I smiled.

Anyway, if I ask you this question, “Hello Mr./Ms./Mrs., do you mind if I…”

and your reply is, “Yes…”

This means that you DO mind if I do the thing I’m asking and thus, you’d rather I DON’T do said thing. Thus, when you say this with a smile, your answer is either sarcastic and confusing or your being rudely sardonic for no apparent reason.

Most likely, what you’re REALLY trying to convey to me is that you don’t care whether or not I do aforementioned thing. Yes, you’re conveying an emotionally positive response through a grammatically negative word. I get WHY you’d make the mistake, but…


and I say all of this with…

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –





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