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Thursday’s Secret – IV

Search term of the day: Long distance relationships ups/downs

I AM in a long distance relationship! I didn’t know my blog was a place to go for advice on the matter. Well…

Nah, just playin’

Pretty accurate…

Anyway… I’m really just trying to put off this week’s secret. This one’s pretty embarrassing AND might make my parents retroactively hate me.

I used to wet the bed… that’s not the embarrassing part. I used to wet the bed a bit older than a kid should.

Somebody PEAd the bed! Hahahaheeh….

That’s not really the embarrassing part either.

You see….

Ok, so here’s the deal. I would get in trouble for peeing the bed, BUT the thing is… I couldn’t control my bed wetting! It was infuriating. It’s not like I WANTED to pee the bed. Well, some nights it would happen and some nights it wouldn’t. Well, enough times of being berated for peeing the bed ends up jading a kid. And well… since I never knew when I’d pee the bed anyway…

a couple of times… I promise only like TWICE!

I peed the bed intentionally. No, not to be spiteful. No, not because I wanted to be a kid forever. Merely because… I was too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom. It’s not something I’m proud of, but come ON… I was like SEVEN!

Oh man…

Yep, that’s the secret. I’ve deliberately wet the bed. Some of you go ahead and toss this one out there as a Never Have I Ever…


ALTERNATIVELY…. peeing yourself could be COOL.

You could’ve called me Miles Davis!


These secrets are getting more and more difficult to share…


Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Secret – IV

  1. Edward says:

    How are you?
    I liked what you posted’ 🙂
    I can be your friend?
    What’s your mail?
    See you soon
    Good Bye

    • Brandon says:

      You were plenty understanding. I’m sure my child mind just exaggerated things. But seriously.. sorry for deliberately peeing in the bed! If you can forgive that, I’m pretty sure we’re solid.

      • Edward says:

        Okay, no problem.
        I live in Brazil and
        just wanted talk to
        different people.
        It’s alright.

      • Brandon says:

        OH! Awesome! I thought you might just be spam! Dude, I’m totally down to talk to different types of folks! I’d rather not put my public e-mail on this blog, so tell me yours and I’ll send you a message!

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