Idealism, Life


Sometimes as a human, you have to scrape the bottom for a good idea. No, not the bottom of the barrel; though, that is something that happens from time to time as well, I mean the literal bottom.

Yes, in other words… I was making brownies and got to thinking.

Don’t all of our best thoughts start there?

In order to be good at something, you have to produce a LOT of crap. I mean, a LOT. In order to see your dreams become reality. You have to go through a LOT of crap. Nothing worth working and fighting for comes easy. I know this is nothing new, but as I get older the reality of that is really setting in. I want to be a writer. That means pounding out the pages EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Without fail. Without quitting. Without recognition.

I’m also trying to get ready for my summertime beach body. That means exercising EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Without fail. Without quitting. Without immediately seeing results.

I want to create good art… well, you see where I’m going with this.

That comic was a cartooned version of Neil Gaiman’s stellar commencement speech at The University of Arts in Philly. That speech was quite inspiring. One of my favorite parts are what he says in the beginning. (Side note: I’ve seen him speak and own two signed books from him. Well, I gave one [Coraline] to my grandma) He says that when you first start something. You DON’T know what you’re doing and that THAT is wonderful. Why? Because when you don’t know the rules, you are not constrained by them.

I’m beginning to understand that if I want to achieve things, I’m going to have to just work with no recognition. I’m going to have to just do things and fail. I’m going to have to just mess up and try again and mess up again and try again and that that is going to be ok.

Something else I’m beginning to realize, is that I’ve been highly constrained by my overactive desire to make everyone happy. One thing I know and have known for a very long time, is that you can NOT make everyone happy. I know this, however, I can’t seem to actually put this knowledge to practice. Then, I overextend myself and end up making NOBODY happy.. including myself. So, I’m trying to take aims to not be afraid to be offensive sometimes. Not that I want to be offensive INTENTIONALLY. But, I’m trying to not hide who I am in order to spare people’s feelings all of the time.

For instance, I find this to be absolutely hilarious…

In the past, that picture is something I would’ve NEVER put up anywhere due to the fear of someone finding it offensive and judging me. But, I’ve come to realize that people are going to judge you no matter what. That doesn’t mean to stomp all over everyone JUST to make yourself happy. Nonetheless, constantly hiding bits of yourself is lying and though, to be honest, the church is where I learned to hide parts of myself… It (along with my parents) is also where I learned many values. Like honesty.

Jesus sees you out there trying to live your dreams and he says, “It’s Goooooood!!!!”

Keep working, keep trying, keep failing, keep succeeding, keep winning, keep hoping… and if you do, so will I.

Ok, actually I’ll do all of that whether you do or not.

But I hope you do.


Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


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