Thursdays Secret – III

I have a good feeling a lot of these will be musically influenced. Sorry for the dearth of posts lately, just been busy. I’ve been writing, yes. But, I shan’t bother with making you all read half-hearted attempts. 

Favorite Search Term This Thursday: Neckbeard

It’s my favorite term, because I am rocking quite the gnarly one as of late. Unfortunately, I get really bad razor bumps at times…


            Yeah… NOT fun.

Anyway, because of that I have to just let my hair grow out to avoid just irritating them more. THEN, I’m investing in a GOOD electric razor. I buy cheap ones and they always suck, so I’m gonna just have to dig deeper into my pockets. 

Well, today’s secret is, music based again. It’s that…


She’s staring at the blank page before her.

I absolutely LOVE driving down the highway to work listening to Natasha Bedingfield’s two big songs. Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine. I can’t help it… the songs are great. Especially in the morning. Wind blowing in through your windows, iced coffee in one hand, and you belting out the words, “take me awaaay…. a secret plaaaace… a sweet escaape…” 


Olive Penderghast knows what’s up…

And naturally, as a writer, unwritten has special meaning too.

Go out and feel the rain on your skin! Why? Because no one else can feel it for ya!

Oh brother…

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


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