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The other day, something a bit sad happened. One of my heroes let me down.

Now, don’t go scouring the news for dumb things actors have said, don’t waste your time looking up celebrity quotes, and please, PLEASE stay away from gaffes. My hero is not especially well known, BUT this person means/meant a LOT to me personally.

Adam West is NOT my hero.

I always thought this person was incredibly intelligent, passionate, and caring. I always thought that this person was the kind of person I’d like to be. The kind of person with the kind of traits you’d like to have. And, trust me, I’m sure my hero still has all of those traits. However, the other day, I was grossly disappointed.

And, the result of this encounter was me thinking about the fact that I’ve influenced people as well. It reminded me that no matter who you are, I can almost guarantee you that SOMEONE looks up to you. Someone sees you as a role model. You influence someone’s actions much more than you realize. It’s not like we are able to monitor our actions or (more importantly) people’s PERCEPTIONS of our actions every minute of every day. Nonetheless, when you realize that someone out there wants to be like you-

Well, it kind of makes you want to be the type of person who deserves admiration.

Don’t judge, even superheroes retire eventually!

I also began to think of the unfair expectations we put upon our role-models and heroes. We often forget that these people are fallible. They are no different than you or me. We are all basically the same. When we make simple mistakes or are careless or forget something or are just simply human, we tend to be MUCH more forgiving. We must remember to extend that forgiveness to our heroes and idols.

Even Kanye, deserves… ok ok, so that was a bit much. Sorry man, I’mma let you finish, but Christian Bale was one of the biggest celebrity douche bags of ’09!

With that said, sometimes our heroes simply aren’t who we thought they were. When that happens, we must realize our own mistake of placing another mere mortal on a pedestal and move on. It’s ok to admit that you were wrong. I don’t think it’s wrong to look up to people of course, but sometimes, we look up to the wrong person or people and we have to recognize when that happens.

And with THAT said… the MVP of The Avengers was hands down The Hulk! (I know, I know, I’m late, but still) Bruce is the kind of man I want to be like. He’s a doctor, he’s rich, he’s a philanthropist, he volunteers, and he… well, he just has a LITTLE anger issue.

Thank you, Dr. Banner. Thank you…

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

(Why are so many heroes named Bruce? Ok, so I only know of two, but still…)


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