Thursday’s Secret – II

I just realized that if I continue to do these, my secrets are going to get kind of personal. Also, I’ll go ahead and start with the search term that caused me the most joy today! Not a lot can beat last Thursday’s Justin Bieber search term. This one is less amusing, but it filled me with a sense of pride that….. “bell curve” brought someone to my site! That just makes me feel smart!

Anyway, on to the secret. I’ve always kind of wanted to…

Oh, Kathy…

No, hanging out with Kathy Griffin is NOT what I’m talking about. Though, I suppose that could be fun. Yeah… it’s a secret alright… Ok ok! Listen! Listen closely! I’m not gay. I don’t feel like I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body. It’s just that… well… I’ve kinda always wanted to do some kinda show in which I dressed as a woman! And before you roll your eyes at me… behold!



Another Eddie!



See? All PERFECTLY straight men, who’ve dressed up and acted like a woman! I wouldn’t even consider myself a transvestite, but even if I was, according to Eddie Izzard – “Most transvestites fancy women” I’m assuming he means MALE transvestites. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe transvestism is merely wearing the clothes traditionally assigned to the opposite gender of yourself. Not that it would be wrong to be a transvestite that DOESN’T fancy women. I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, yeah JUST once, I want to dress in drag and act! It could be an all out (non-sexual) comedic drag show or just some kind of acting gig. I have NO idea why, but, I’ve always thought that would be a lot of fun.

Much Love

– Brandon Holly –

(oh dear… what am I gonna come up with for next week?)


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