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Finally, Brandon Holly attempts to do something to make the world a better place! Last Saturday, I heard about a rally at my state’s capitol. The rally was being hosted by a group called OATH. OATH stands for Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans. I thought to myself, “Wait! I’m an Oklahoman!” and then I thought to myself, “I’M against trafficking humans!!!” Then I ate some french fries and after that I realized… this group sounds like something I might be into!

Add this to the long list of things up with I will not put.

The rally started at 6pm and was uncomfortably bare. Then again, perhaps that was my fault for being unfashionable and showing up on time. There were a few mothers, various other women, and a few young people (high school to college aged folks) in attendance. I felt vaguely out of place. Part of me felt uncomfortable because while I was in Hawaii I did a little bit of work with an organization called PAU Violence (they do work to stop violence against women. A wonderful organization! Shoots, braddah!) I learned a new term: Macktivism. Macktivists are pseudo-activists, who really only go to rallies to meet attractive activists. I am NOT a macktivist, but I was feeling a bit self-conscious because of learning the term. However, even with that in mind, outside of the members of the bands that were playing, I was the only one representing my particular demographic (males aged 25-34) and I found that highly upsetting.

Brothers, we should stand up for our sisters!

Don’t get the wrong impression, I’m aware that the female sex has every ability to protect themselves and can stand up on their own. However, think about how much stronger this fight could be if members of the male sex fought this war as well. The statistics blew my mind. The personal stories shook my heart. I was semi-involved with human trafficking efforts in The Philippines and I naively believed that it was more of a problem there due to poverty and other social factors. However, it happens right in my own backyard as well and I was neglecting to pay attention to what was happening.

The event didn’t pull a huge crowd (it was competing against a basketball game, an arts festival, AND a music festival) but I wouldn’t say it was unsuccessful. I just hope more people make the effort to face real problems. And I truly do hope the members of my species do more to help.

Speaking of that… men… let’s not do this…

Well, signing off.

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


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