I’ll Miss Them

(I know, I know it’s Saturday NOT Friday. SUE ME!)

Yesterday was my last day as a Shipper/Receiver for a big department store. I’m not going to say the name of this store, but I will tell you that their spokesperson is a very popular lesbian and that for some reason that really upsets some people.

Pictured: Ms. The Generous .... You see that CLEARLY guilty face?? THIS is why we can't have freedom!

Anyway, I had a little going away party thing and during that party I realized something- I’m going to genuinely miss those people. In just four months, I honestly grew to care about them and I’m assuming from all of the insults I received regarding my departure, that I will be missed as well. Yes, this makes it hard for me to leave, but it also brings me a sense of joy. I love how connected we all are to each other. Humans need other humans, we symbiotically feed off of each other.

and we ALL know, symbiosis is SEXY...

We can also do terrible TERRIBLE things to one another. Why do we get so angry when someone doesn’t think the way we do? Why do we feel the need to hurt each other. Why do we lie, steal, kill, and destroy ourselves? We hurt the very beings that give us life and make life worth living! We know that together we can produce AMAZING things! We know that when we’re unified we can accomplish miracles!

*****n' magnets, how do THEY work?

I know this post is kind of mushy and I know I’m not really saying anything new. However, I suppose I just wanted to say that I love people. We’re fun and despite all of the pain we can end up causing each other. Remember this, without you, life would be boring. Thus, let’s learn to love one another, because I believe that the destruction of the human race isn’t going to be external. Listen to the wise words of Conspiracy Keanu…

Uh oh...

Alright, everyone. Stay classy and see you on Monday!

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


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