peace corps

2 Years

I have officially been here in The Philippines for Two Whole Years!!!

I Made It!

I do indeed believe that this is an accomplishment.

I remember very early on in my Peace Corps career having doubts. Would I make it the entire two years? What am I doing here? Was this a bad idea?

Get me outta here!

But then… things weren’t so different anymore. I learned how to: eat with my hands, kill cockroaches and spiders, eat food, ride jeepneys and trikes, kill and drain the blood from animals, eat meat again, drink red horse and ginebra, smile when I’m sad, smile when I’m happy, love, cry, etc.


But, what I’ve learned to do more than anything else is…

shrink self.

Oh, I’m still selfish. I’m still self-centered.

However, I feel like I’m a lot more patient. I feel like I try harder to understand others.


I thought I’d have more to say, but I don’t.

I’m just happy with my time. It’s ending now, but it’s supposed to.

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


2 thoughts on “2 Years

  1. I somehow lost the address to your blog, and in the middle of hopelessly trying to find it again, I suddenly remembered, “search for lizard poop!”


    Hope your return goes as smoothly as it possibly can. Keep writing, please.

    • Brandon says:

      I will keep writing! It’s embarrassing that my blog will forever be remembered for being the Lizard Poop blog, but oh well. Hahaha!

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