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Four Walls & Adobe Slats For My Grads…

Today is graduation day!

If I could afford it A LOT of my students would be getting this shirt!

I’m actually very proud of my students. It’s nice to see all of my P.U. Piles (pupils) in street clothes and out of their tired old uniforms.

This is NOT what we thought you meant by a few MINOR adjustments to your uniform.

The boys are very rowdy today, no doubt attempting to impress the pretty girls. The girls clearly took extra time getting ready today and are indeed very pretty. It’s cute seeing them walk around with extra confidence. They’re flipping their hair for no other reason than to bring attention to it and they are acting a bit more flirtatious than usual… even with Sir Brandon, who just rolls his eyes and feels obligated to respond with a smile and little wave. Judging by the squeals that follow my humble gesture, this apparently translates to, “I noticed that you wore copious amounts of make-up today. I am now interested in marrying you and having many children” in 16yr. old girl language.

.... No.

It’s a breezy sunny day and all is well in Calapan City. I wonder what life holds next for my students?

The world is yours, seniors! This is the first day of your life!

I’ll miss you.

– ❤ Sir Brandon –


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