Life, peace corps


I’ve been busy lately. Yeah, my blog tends to take a back seat when I’m busy. Sorry guys. However, I have decided to come down from on high and give you something to tide you over.

I know how much you all crave my writing. You crave it like a man who is addicted to… like maybe addicted to…

Me: Dammit, Tyrone! - Tyrone: Is this the 5 O'Clock free crack giveaway??

Anyway, doing this training that is supposed to be one of the more fulfilling things I’ll do in the corps.

Wish me luck!

Non-Sequitur alert! – I kinda crave buffalo wings. I hear they’ve created non-meat buffalo wings. Naturally, I’m intrigued.

Don't Act Like That's Not Hot.


Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


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