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Too Much Information

Well, as a Peace Corps Volunteer or any world-saver/changer-type you quickly learn that no topic is taboo. ESPECIALLY bowel movements. A txt convo. a friend and I had inspired this.

Not Too Much Information: (Telling A Friend You Have To Give A Stool Sample)

Friend: I have to give a stool sample to my doctor today.

Friend2: Well, that's just terrible! I hope everything goes *snicker* SMOOTHLY! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Borderline TMI: (Explaining how you did it. However, not TMI at all for a PCV. We have to do like 4 of these AT LEAST! Thus, new techniques are appreciated!)

Friend: Wasn't so bad, so THERE! I just had to... Then, I was finished!

Friend2: Um, er, I see... Well, uh... good for you.

Definitely Too Much Information: (Uh… yeah…)

Friend: This is my step-by-step process, complete with photographic examples!


Friend2: Sick! Who told you this was ok??

Art: (*sigh*)

Friend: No! It's cool! I took it with Hipstamatic on my iPhone!

Friend2: Oh! Well, that IS tasteful!

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

* Yeah, that was definitely this guy‘s poo.


One thought on “Too Much Information

  1. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! When I clicked the link to “This guys” Page, his blog title was ” Solid, in every sense of the word” (he was talking about eating solid food.)

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