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That Time We Almost Got Into A Barfight…



But first!

I was thinking about this…

What would the ultimate minority be? I was thinking she’d be (yes SHE, I mean, that’s a given) a black female lesbian. However, I think we can do better than that.

Our ultimate minority would be female. Our ultimate minority would be black. Our ultimate minority would also be gay. But what else? …. She’d be black, gay …

And Jewish!

Hmph. Well, after further research Whoopi only qualifies for 2 of the criteria. She IS a black female. Contrary to popular belief, she is NOT gay. She IS willing to play lesbian characters on screen.* And despite her name, she is NOT Jewish.


I did find a blog written by a black lesbian jewish woman.**

Anyway, I guess I decided to write something kind of offensive in hopes that THAT will overshadow the story I am about to relate.

But that’ll have to wait until I have more time, suckers!

Don’t worry, I’ll edit this post by the end of the week.

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

*Apparently, she might be bisexual … Wait. This doesn’t really matter, does it?

**I’m not necessarily endorsing her blog. I didn’t really read it too much. I just liked the title.


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