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I failed. I tried to write 50,000 words of a novel, but due to foreseen and unforeseen circumstances, I failed. I tried to make it happen, but it just didn’t.


I am disappointed in myself, but an idea came to mind.

What? Some People Have Lightbulbs, Others Have A Small Group Of Indian Businessman.

In order to make up for failing to write a novel, I could write the best blog this world has ever known!

Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything remotely amusing to write about. I could write about the sexual advances of a man I work with, I could write about my battles with the ants in my house, or I could even write about the mildly annoying teenagers behind me who find everything I do insanely hilarious.

Ethel: Did the foreigner just sneeze? Hannah: I think he did! Ethel: That is the #@$@ing funniest thing I've ever heard! Hannah: Agreed, girlfriend! Agreed

But at this point in time I find all of those topics dull. The man-on-man unwanted sexual attention is pretty common, the ants aren’t all that bad just frustrating at times, and the teenagers … well they’re just teens.

I suppose I’ll just ramble for awhile. I am sitting here waiting on my site mate to get back from her trip to Puerto Galera. I need to return her laptop. The sound of rain softly falling to the ground is soothing. This is probably because it is contrasting to the loud high-pitched voices of the people in the cafe.

I’m mildly sick because I decided to experiment with mixed drinks and even though I didn’t drink a lot of alcohol I DID consume a lot of sugar.

No Great Loss Ther- er, I Mean, Whatever You Say Ladies! *glug glug glug*

I’ve heard that the show Glee is the gayest show on TV. I don’t know how I should feel about that, I feel like I should be offended. I mean, I like Glee and I’m a straight male. Not to mention classifying things as “Gay” or “Not Gay” is akin to telling me that I don’t act black.

Friend: I like you, you don't act black! Me: *stares in disbelief* Friend: Whaaat??

Anyway, Glee, I’d love to plead your case but if you don’t keep the shirts on your male characters I’ll just have to concede.

Really? Gross. Shame On You, Chord!*

And no, don’t you dare take that the wrong way! I don’t need to see the female characters scantily clad any more than I need to see the male ones without their tops!

Can’t we all just keep our clothes on?

Well, accept maybe Santana.

Oh, Come On! I'm Just Kidding ... *cough* kinda...

Well, since I’m on the subject of Glee I’ll make my plea now.

Dear Glee,

First off, I know how you all are into portmanteaus, so listen up Murchuckan**! I see three main problems with your show as it is now. (1.) You don’t have a black male recurring character. (2.) Every male has been on the football team. (3.) I’m not on your show.

Worry not, Murfalcan! I have the solution! Hire me!

Here’s a current head shot.

Brandon Holly

My Stats –

Age: 24
Sex: Man
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150lbs.
Favorite Food: French Fries or Macaroni and Cheese

I even know who my character should be. Since almost all of the characters were or are currently on the football team or cheer squad, my character would not come from either of those. I would just be a random guy working in the journalism department with the Jew-Fro kid! My name would be Brock Marley and I would be a good contrast to all of the jocks!

In order to sweeten the deal, here’s a shirtless pic.

Think About It!

Love the show, Ryadian!


Brandon K. Holly

I’m surprised I went on about Glee that much in my blog! I’m listening to what is going on in the next room. So far I’ve heard “Jihad is a holy war” and then, “Next up, conspiracy theory” I don’t know what they’re planning over there, but I’d rather not be a part of it!

Well, try as I might, I just can’t think of anything to write about and writing more about Glee sounds embarrassing so I suppose I’ll end it here.

Oh! And Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again, after all!

Ho Ho Ho

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

*Super awkward searching for that picture in public.

**The main producers, writers, and directors of the show are named Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck, and Ian Brennan


One thought on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Vickie Horn says:

    Hahaha, can that “headshot” of you be your next fb profile pic? Your expression is pretty funny. 🙂

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