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Is This Real Life?

Like the last post would lead you to believe … I’ve been very busy. I have so many stories to tell all of you. It will be fun to fill you in on my very strange life.

During high school*, my friend Brian and I used to say we lived the movie life.** Meaning, although nothing is necessarily extraordinary about us, we still seem to find ourselves in extraordinary situations. Well, sometimes, I still feel that way.

Why Won't You Fall??

I have 4 stories. One involves a teacher training. One involves an awkward situation. One involves an accident. One involves another training.

I’ll start with the accident.

So, Monique*** and I had a good long boring day in the city. However, the day was through and there were a few things that I wanted to get done. I wanted to get my clothes from my labandera, I wanted to get home, and honestly…

I just wanted to write a blog.

I'm TOTALLY Internationally Known!

We hailed a tricycle and as usual, I tell the guy where we need to go,

Me: Papunta kami sa Barangay Silonay (We gon’ stomp to Silonay, you game?)
Him:”Sa Dulo?” (To the tippy tip?)
Me: “Oo nga! Sa tulay po” (Fuh Sho, mayne! To the bridge!)

We fly down the street and I zone out. I always zone out on trikes or during rides. That’s probably why I’m terrible with directions.

Me: Um... Now, how do I get to your place again?

Friend: You’ve been there 5 times!
Me: Right, right

[10 Minutes Later]

Me: Hey, it’s me again.
Friend: Yes?
Me: I got to the convenience store, that’s close right?
Friend: There is no convenience store near my place.
Me: Right, right.

[5 Minutes Later]

Me: I’m here! Open up!
Friend: I’m looking out of my door right now.
Me: Come on! Where are you?
Friend: … Where are YOU.
Me: Um, your HOUSE.
Friend: … What’s outside?
Me: Your red mailbox and your roommates car!
Friend: My roommate doesn’t drive and I live in an apartment complex
Me: Right, right …

Friend: I hate you.

Anyway, the driver is driving very fast. Unlike most trike drivers, he never slows down to avoid splashing us with water and he honks loudly to get people out of the way rather than as a courtesy to let them know he is coming.

I’m not really worried about these things happening. I just want to get this day over with so I can relax. We go around a sharp turn and splash into water. I hear Money Mo grumble about being splashed and this breaks me out of my daze for a moment.

We round another corner. I’m somewhat annoyed because I can’t zone out properly when he is turning like this. However, the trike begins to wobble.

Me (thinking): Surely, he’ll correct himself

I was wrong. I’m looking down at the ground when suddenly I feel us skid out of control.

We are tipping over. *CRASH!* We just hit something! *BOOM!* What was that sound!? *THUD!*


Ow… oh G-d… am I underneath the trike? My knee kinda’ hur-. Holy crap! We crashed! I have to lift this off of me! Where is Mo! Monique!

Mo: Ow!!!
Me: Are you ok?
Mo: OW!!!
Mo: Oh man
Me: Let’s move out of the road. Do you need to go to the hospital?
Mo: Ow…
Spectators: We’re just here to be annoying and unhelpful.
Me: Can someone get us a trike?
Spectators: Nope! Just here to be annoying.
Me: May sakit naman siya! Kailangan kaming pumunta so ospital!
Spectators: Oo nga! You should take a trike to the hospital
Me: ….
Spectators: If you need anything, call us anytime. We’ll stand around and do nothing as long as you’d like.
Me: …. !!! *deep breath* ….

Our driver was completely unharmed. He tried to go with us to help pay for the hospital bills, but his busted trike was punishment enough. Not to mention we have Peace Corps to pay for things like this. Thus, Mo and I eventually hailed a new trike.

Limping Mo eventually got into a trike and we were off.

Me (thinking): I flipped completely upside down in a trike and immediately got onto another. Is there something wrong with me?

We eventually get to the hospital. They put Mo in a wheelchair and checked her out.

Mo is constantly sick and or hurt and I am constantly NOT. I mean, I should have been completely crushed by the trike, but I just ended up feeling like I got tackled.


We left the hospital with Mo in a cast, me a bit shaken up, and an appointment with Peace Corps medical.

We thought Mo might have torn her ACL.

Not Austin City Limits

She didn’t.

It was just sprained.


I had a training to go to and I decided I wasn’t going to miss it. Thus, I told the Doc to let me just walk around and if I’m still limping, I’d worry about it then.

I’m still limping.

Thus, in order to make sure I won’t hobble around like Tiny Tim for the rest of my life…

Sweet Mother Of- No! The Kid With The Crutch!

I got an MRI done.

I get the results back on Thursday.

I think I’m fine. Just have to stay off of my leg as much as possible for awhile.

Anyway, when I get the result that says, “There’s nothing wrong with you, quit yer bellyachin'” I’ll update this post.

For now?

Much Love,

G-d Bless Us, Everyone!

– Brandon Holly –

p.s. – I also had to get a dental exam completed today. Ugh! Teeth cleaning SUCKS!

This Thing Is Torture Disguised As Good Oral Health

*A long long time ago
**This is also the name of a fairly decent band, provided you’re into pop-punk and or melodic hardcore. If what I just said sounds like gibberish to you, you probably wouldn’t be into it.
***Sorry if you clicked that, she rarely updates that blog. I think she might have another secret blog though.
****I was scared! Give me a break!


2 thoughts on “Is This Real Life?

  1. Sara says:

    Sounds like a wonderful experience you are having. I have many friends in the Philippines and they are telling all about where you are right now and where you have been. Good Luck!

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