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I have been very busy lately! I first went to Panay Island for a teacher training!

(pic courtesy of

Yes, I AM Roughing It. Why Do You Ask?

I think the training went well. My last class even sang a Thank You song to me! Then again, that might be because I totally told one of the teachers there that I had a crush on her.

(Photo Courtesy of Brooke Anderson on flickr)

She Couldn\’t Make It.

It was just a joke, but she mentioned it at the closing ceremonies. She is married, presumably with children, and closer observation revealed that she is probably about 15-20yrs. my senior.

However … the age thing doesn’t ALWAYS bother me. I’m still looking at YOU Lynn Kennedy.

Quit denying my love!

Age Aint Nothin\’ But A Number…

After the training, I came back to site to sleep in my apartment one night. I had to re-pack because my co-workers and I had a team-building workshop at a resort in my town. It was basically just a one night videoke and swim-fest. It was a lot of fun and I finally made some connections with people that I hadn’t had access to before.

In other words, I finally made friends with teachers who weren’t female.

Sometimes it is hard to make friends with other males, but when the tandy is handy ….

Conversation is dandy.

Alak! (via

Alak! (via


I promise a proper update when I have more time!

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


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