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This Is My Confession

First off, my burn is way worse than that picture indicates. It now looks more like a burned crusty piece of pizza. I have to borrow a camera every time I want to take a picture; so, when I have more time I might do a little photoshoppery to get the full effect.

Seriously, It Looks Just Like This. (Without Pepperonis)

In other news, I’ve decided to make a confession. When I first signed up for the Peace Corps, I did NOT want to teach. I didn’t want to teach at all. It didn’t really interest me. I want to be a writer. Besides, those who can’t do teach, right? I was more interested in doing social work or health related stuff. I mean, all of my previous volunteer experience was urban anyway. Why would I want to waste time in a boring classroom for hours at a time? Yuck. Besides, I’m not a patient person.

You Suck!

Well, Peace Corps called me up and said:

PC: Hey, loser! You’re gonna be a teacher!
Me: But, I said-
PC: Yeah, well too bad! You wanna “help” people and “save” the world right? You pansy idealist.
Me: Well, I mean-
PC: Then this is what you got, puke breath! Besides, you can do secondary stuff!
Me: Oh, ok thank y-
PC: *click*

(Ok, so the conversation was NOTHING like this. Please don’t hit me!)

After I was informed that I would be a teacher, I was kind of bummed. However, the idea of secondary projects intrigued me. Also, I thought maybe this teaching thing could work out!

The Best Teachers Have 'Fros

Well, I flew over to The Phillies, I learned a little about teaching, and I was thrust into the classroom with little to no language skills and a very wet t-shirt.

More like Sweat T-Shirt Contest, amirite?

I hated every minute of it! The students lacked respect, my co-teachers lacked understanding.* Plus, I was sweaty. Teaching was not fun.

Well, time passed and lo and behold, I learned that I could learn to be patient, my students could learn to respect me, my co-teachers could learn to understand my mistakes, and I could learn to tolerate teaching.

However, even more time passed and just recently I realized something. I am smiling more. My co-teachers tease me and I tease them! I speak Tagalog with my kids!** I make lesson plans voluntarily and I even have fun while I’m doing them! … Sometimes.

As it turns out. I don’t just tolerate teaching.

I like teaching.

And not just a little bit. I like teaching a lot!

Though, I’m starting to think all of the positivity stems from me changing up my wardrobe a bit. I decided to dress in clothes that make me feel good!

What? This Outfit Makes My Legs Look Great!

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

*Though, of course they lacked understanding. I was the one changing everything. I was foreign in every way possible.

**But not in class, BAWAL ‘YAN! (That’s prohibited)

p.s. – if you haven’t seen this yet. Indulge.


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