3 Years Is A Long Time


How Not To End A Relationship In Southeast Asia While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood*

[Disclaimer: This post is a light-hearted look into a good relationship with a good girl and a jerk. Also, just so you know, she proofread the post before I published it. Her only suggestion was to not make myself look like a jerk. But it just wouldn’t be entertaining or true otherwise]

The Players:



Ben Savage as Brandon Holly

and Co-Starring-


Danielle Fishel as S. Simone

Naturally as all stories like these start. Boy Meets World! Er. I mean Boy meets girl.

Afro Pic

Hi! My name is Brandon. I have an afro!

They become friends, but no attraction. Just friends. They have a ton of good times together and all is well. She tells him about the several latin boys she’s been dating. He tells her about this girl he really likes, but the summer is fast approaching so who knows where it will go.

F is for Friends who do stuff together!

Brandon and Simone Friends Forever!

That summer, Brandon decides to move to California with Simone and a friend. The friend drops out, but it turns out the girl he’s been into is moving there too! This is perfect! A new life in California, a good friend, and if all turns out ok maybe even a summer romance! Wizard.

The summer happens and things don’t end up working out with the other girl. Simone’s relationship with another boy isn’t working well either. They are both single. Still just friends though.


Simone would take Brandon around to meet her friends.

But then…

Danielle Is Hot

Simone Got Hot!

I guess a mixture of The California Sun and Surfing suddenly made Brandon see the tan hot girl he goes to the beach with every weekend. Brandon and Simone start dating shortly after this realization. They share their first kiss.


It was actually at the beach, but bare with me.

They go back to college the following semester and have fun telling all of their friends and families!


Everyone was so happy for them!

Their relationship had its ups and downs like all relationships, but they kissed a lot so that made up for the down times.


This picture is actually less of a stretch than you'd think.

Well, senior year came and Brandon had to tell Simone that he would indeed go through with his life goal. He’s always wanted to join the Peace Corps.

Hold Me

I must leave you, my dear.

Throughout the summer, Brandon really felt like the relationship should just end. But every time he brought up the topic it looked somewhat like this.

Break Up?

It might be easier if... Oh God, you're starting to get upset.

This could have been the end. She would have been unhappy, but at least it would have been a clean break. However, Brandon is a sucker for tears. The thought of hurting her, hurt him. Even though this only made things worse in the long run, he was a pansy.

He went away. They had a good long-distance relationship. He was having 2nd thoughts, but who knows? Time passed. Brandon kept going back and forth between keeping the relationship or dropping it. He kept dropping hints that maybe the relationship should end, but he never took the initiative.** And then . . .

She decided to come visit! Now, instead of stopping this (though not without some effort to get her not to) he thought, “Well, maybe seeing her again will make me change my mind”

So, she came over and they kissed a lot again.

Smooch 2!

I should end this, but mmhmmfhmmfhm

I mean, he couldn’t tell her that he thinks they should separate while she’s in the country! How horrible would that be? So, she left. They had a good time, but Brandon knew he had to do something. However, he kind of put the relationship on the back burner because he got busy. He started spending time with other volunteers and kind of forgot about the girl back home.

No Topanga

Where's Simone?

She began feeling distant. This was great. She began expressing this to Brandon. However, he wanted the separation to be her idea, so he kept being stand-offish and unemotional towards her. Then a series of events happened.


They decided to take a break. Brandon said some mean things.*** He just really wanted her to just break it off! He didn’t want it to be just his idea. Well, it worked! He put on a great show. He made sure to make it sound like he was holding back tears. Not that he wasn’t upset, he was. However, he was also secretly relieved.

Then, like a typical man or maybe just like a typical Brandon, he let pride take hold. He wanted to make sure she still wanted him more than he wanted her. So, he tried to win her back. Why? Just to break it off again? Well, yeah. He had a whole plan of seeing if he could win her back and when he did he would say, “No, this is actually probably for the best” and end the relationship for good.

I know what you’re thinking.


Not one of Brandon's high points.

He called her up and put on a huge show. It was epic. He really wanted to make sure she still wanted him. Well, he succeeded more or less and was going to wait until tomorrow to break up again. She beat him to it. He tried again, but then realized how ridiculously stupid his pride was. He stopped. he told her everything that I wrote here and more. Instead of being insanely mad for leading her on, she was just relieved that his heart wasn’t broken.


I'm just glad you're not hurt! (What is she, a freaking saint?)

He was relieved she was still ok with everything and still wanted to be friends.


So all in all. Everything worked out for the best. They didn’t end up in a situation neither of them were ready to deal with:

But more important than that…




If you know Simone, you’ll know why this made me laugh.

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

*Movie Reference
**Hints. Without exception. Never. Work.
***Which actually means he said nothing at all.

Seriously though, I acted terrible. Thank you forgiving me, Simone! I love you, kid. You’re awesome!


2 thoughts on “3 Years Is A Long Time

  1. Vickie Horn says:

    This is very candid….. and I appreciate how honest it is….

    I care about you both, and I’m glad you have each other as wonderful friends. I’m praying for you both.

    Lots of love and support sent you and Simone’s ways.

  2. Brandon says:

    Thank you, Vickie. That means a lot coming from you. You’ve always been a good friend, my friend. Heh. Thanks again. 🙂

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