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My Life’s Goal

I was curious today. I wanted to know what motivated other people. Why other people lived their lives. I wanted to know what got them up in the morning. I went to Google and typed “My life dream is to” into the search bar. The very first result was, “My life dream is to do the very best for my daughter” I thought that was sweet. I then changed it to, “My life’s goal is to” Here are the results.

“My life’s goal is to finish a Rubik’s Cube”
“My life goal is to make as many people ‘haha’ as possible”*
“My life’s goal is to make myself envy my own life”
“My life’s goal is to be on a teen soap opera”
“My life’s goal is to get rid of computers and invent everything that removes its necessity”
“My life’s goal is to own a sustainable farm”
“My life’s goal is to bring glory to Jesus”
“My life’s goal is to make the benefits of meditation accessible to humanity”
“My life’s goal is to be aerospace engineer, but I also want to pursue a second passion: writing”
“My life’s goal is to bring our Nation’s sexual awareness to a new level”

These are roughly the top 10 results. Some I skipped because they were the exact same and others didn’t make sense to me. Anyway, this crosses my mind in some shape or form everyday.

When I was younger my answer would have been something like, “to become a U.S. President, or to win the Nobel Peace Prize, or to become rich and/or famous, or to cure a disease, or to end war” and I would have been happy with that answer. Most people would have nodded at my answer and even if they had the clarity of mind to ask, “and then what” I would have merely said something like, “And then I’d live happily ever after, I guess”

But, you see, those dreams aren’t real enough to me now. I asked a friend, “What is the biggest goal in your life?” This was a loaded question. It was unfair, but I asked it to make a point. This person told me that their biggest goal in life was to raise a family. I had that clarity of mind I mentioned early. I asked, “And then what?” They told me that they’d do everything they could to raise their kids well, so that they could lead successful lives. I then asked, “And then what?” Even as a reader you are probably annoyed by this line of questioning. Nonetheless, I continued. Realizing I was on the offensive my friend asked, “What are you getting at?”

This is what I was getting at:

What good are goals like those? Becoming rich is a good goal, but then what? Becoming an actor is good, but then what? Even something as amazing as winning The Nobel Peace Prize is empty if the goal is the prize.

Being famous is nice and maybe you’ll feel like you accomplished something, but then what? You die and the world goes on.

Having and raising a family is nice, but you know, adding to the amount of consumers tends to raise the rate of consumption. And generally when people say they want their children to be successful they mean wealthy. Wealthy people generally consume a lot.*

I hear about the goals of others and worry. It seems that very often our goals are opposed to what’s good for us. I hear people say, “But when I become rich and famous I will become an activist like [Don Cheadle or Angelina Jolie or Bono]” But why do you have to wait until then? I’d rather be a poor activist than a rich person with good intentions. Don’t you remember what the road to hell is paved with?**

My life goal is simple. I want to leave the world better than I found it, or at least die trying.

Just what’s been on my mind.

I Wish I Took This Picture

A Better World Is Possible

I promised I wouldn’t be so preachy, didn’t I?

Well, in other news. I’ve been feeling kind of off lately. Nothing I can put my finger on. Maybe it’s just the after shocks of some of the emotionally taxing things in my life happening. I don’t know. I do know that I hope this passes.

I’ve been feeling like life is just a dream. Like I am merely an observer of this life. As if the body I’m in isn’t my own. Just a shell in which I can peer out into the world with.

Perhaps, I am really just a butterfly dreaming he is a man.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Tell me what your dream is! What is your life’s goal?

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

*Want to know more about the dangers of consumption and how it is rapidly affecting our world see: Bill McKibben and

**Don’t read what I’m not saying. There is something to be said about striving for greatness. Whether that means raising a great family or becoming a great celebrity or something. I, however, take issue with that being the end all. Being famous, rich, and/or happy are fine. But, I would not want to become famous or rich just to be able to say that I became famous or rich.


4 thoughts on “My Life’s Goal

  1. Actually, Brandon, most people that I know who want their children to be sucessful are more concerned about them succeeding in what those children pursue and being happy doing it.

    Wealth tends to run lower on the list.

    Of course, I may just meet different people …

    and some of the things you’re talking about aren’t an end goal, but rather an on-going process.

    Not to just become an actor, but to hone your skills life long to perfect the path that calls to you.

    The “and the what” is to become “even more so….

    And that’s a great goal

    Happiness is also a great goal. Many times, real happiness lets us know that we’re on the path we’re meant to be on

    Suffering being optional.

    For your records,my life mission is to be a Fairy Godmother. Everything that’s positive, juicy and calls to me is about helping people ( including myself) find and live their Best and Brightest Dreams. and what is that if not a Fairy Godmother?…

    Making the world a better place is laudable. It’s good to remember that we can do that in different ways. Some by raising happy,well adjusted children who succeed in their dreams. Some by becoming wealthy and giving money to causes in need. Some by writing blogs and making people think.

    And some by being Fairy Godmothers….


    • brandonwantstochangetheworld says:

      That’s a very fair and well reasoned appraisal of my thoughts. You are right. I definitely wrote this in the moment and did not think about the fact that parents, mine included, do not just want their children to be wealthy. Though I think of wealth as an abundance of resources not just money. I would also like to point out that I do admit in my footnotes that it is ok for someone to attempt to reach their life goals (fame, family, fortune . . . fairy godmother) as long as they aren’t the end all.

      Also, I more than agree with you on the happiness point. I often consider my positive feelings when I am doing a task. Thank you for the comment! And I just went to your website. You’re an honest to goodness psychic, eh? Interesting. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a conversation with a psychic before. Thanks for the opportunity!


      – Brandon Holly –

  2. Thank you for your kind response. Do appreciate it

    I personally think it’s o.k. and then some for folks to try and achieve their life goals. Many times, their life goals are how they fit into the bigger picture of changing the world.

    Thank you also for stopping by our website.Yep, I am an honest to goodness psychic. (Interestingly enough, my guess is that I’m not actually the first psychic you’ve spoken to.While professional psychics are a bit more scarce, there’s a lot more folks in the general population who are psychic to one degree or another than you might think:-)…..)

    Twas a pleasure talking with you


  3. gma old arms says:

    you r adeep thinker and much more. despite my goofs, i strive to love my fellow man as GOD LOVES ME. PERHAPS NOT LIKE BUT LOVE. daily living is difficult without the love of God and the support of those caring persons who reach out to us in so many ways. keep asking, keep gowing in your spirituality and keep on keeping on…. PEACE JOY AND BLESSINGS. LUV U. GMA OLD ARMS

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