We Can Be The Ones To Dream This Bright

I was thinking about who I am. I hope to never be able to answer that question. At least not completely. I believe that if I ever think I know who I am while still on planet earth, where every sense is merely an electrical impulse translated by the highly advanced CPU I carry around in my head, I have ceased to grow. My spirit has left and I am merely a shell. A hunk of flesh. Life is like water. Moveable, changeable, capricious, and ultimately beautiful because of these traits.

I suppose that is why I honestly believe that things can be different. That’s why I believe life here on planet earth need not be ruled by modern caste-systems.

There is something better than Capitalism; a system that encourages a certain disregard for your fellow man. There is something better than Socialism; a system that encourages a certain degree of laziness. There is something better than Race; a system that encourages a you and me mentality instead of a “we” mentality. There is something better than Organized Religion*; a system that encourages militancy and anger. There is something better than War. There is something better.

They say my generation is generally optimistic. I like that. So listen up, generation! “All my life I’ve been waiting for, I’ve been praying for for the people to say that, ‘we don’t wanna fight no more’ there’ll be no more wars and our children will play . . . one day” – Matisyahu

One step at a time. Whether the step is as small as a one dollar donation to a charity or as big as starting a grassroots movement. Whether the step is as small as holding a sign or as big as becoming a martyr** Whether the step is as small as a beer summit or as big as a million man march. Each step is significant.

One love, people.


Sorry about the hippie-ish post today. Just got inspired for some reason.

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

*Organized Religion does not mean I mean G-d or any form of spirituality should be disregarded. In fact, I encourage an embracing of these things, but not to the point of I am right and your are wrong. I have flippantly and seriously studied religions and they all seem to point to the same conclusions. A friend once told me that if there is absolute truth then there can only be one. There cannot be many. (In other words, only one religion can be right) However, I was falling asleep one night and thought of this. The answer to the problem 2+2 can be 4, four, IV, apat, cuatro, etc. The point of this is to illustrate that even though I am EXPRESSING the answer several different ways they are all true and correct.



2 thoughts on “We Can Be The Ones To Dream This Bright

  1. Kris says:

    Another post of yours I thoroughly enjoyed. I like the way you explained religion – different ways of expressing the same thing. I thought the same thing for years, but never could explain it like that. : )

  2. Vickie Horn says:

    As always another great blog. I always enjoy your blogs, Brando.

    I like the part about the systems in this world not being so great. I just read The Shack very recently and a topic in the book that really stuck out to me is this exact topic. In fact, since reading that book I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot and trying to figure out how to live this out in my life… it’s very confusing and not easy to answer. Basically, after reading The Shack (and yes, I argued with that book a lot while reading it), I think I have decided (for now) that organized religion is not so much a good thing… :/ At least, I can see the ways that it fails…. and just like you I don’t mean God is not real or that spirituality is not something to consider, etc. etc. (Obviously God and spirituality mean a lot to me and I would never encourage dismissing those completely.) 🙂

    It’s just been something I’ve been thinking about lately.

    And yeah, another thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how all world religions hold pieces of the truth…. or, at least, that’s how I’ve heard it phrased. I wrote a paper at school touching on the subject. Ever since then I’ve been considering that idea. I have to say I’ve come to agree (for now). heh. Although the idea is exactly opposite of what I’ve been taught at church. …Which is interesting. 🙂 Ties in with the organized religion not being as good as it would like to be.

    I find your idea about hoping to never fully know who you are to be an enlightening idea. Gonna have to go process that one. 😉 (You know how I process and analyze everything!…. being a melancholy and all that…)

    I’ve gotten to hang out with Simone a couple times so far this summer. It’s been super fun both times. Your friends back home definitely miss you and still talk about you! 🙂

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