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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Three Men: American. Old. White. Lonely.

1. – Happy
2. – Upset
3. – Cocky

Man #1: “She takes good care of me”

He met a Filipina on the internet. They talked for about 3-weeks. He proposed. She accepted. There was one condition. He had to ask permission from her family. He did. They didn’t mind. They took him in for a full year. But now his back is hurting. He has a cane. He is probably legally blind.* His front teeth are missing. He needs some medical attention. He’s broke. He’s a veteran. His visa has expired. He’s going back home. He plans on returning and bringing his fiancee back.

Man #2 “She took everything from me, man”

He met a Filipina on the internet. Talked back and forth for a few months. She said come to me? He accepted. He moved in with the family. He paid for everything. That’s ok because he was in love. He bought them a lot of stuff. Something went wrong. He spent more money. He was in love. They kicked him out. He’s broke. His visa just expired. He has nothing, but a broken heart. He’s going back home. He hates this country. He will never come back.

Man #3 “You should feel me, man. Look at this body.”

He’s from mutha’ fuggin’ Brooklyn. He sounds like it. He works out. He talked to the two previous men. He assures them that the embassy has to take them home because they are Americans. That’s what they do. He talks to the embassy for them. He works out. Have you seen his body? He insults Filipinos. Maybe for the benefit of the man who was ripped off. He is especially crass when speaking of the women. Did I mention that he works out? He has lived here for 21 years! But don’t trust Filipinos he says. He’s single. You should really feel his arms. He loves to see other Americans. He works out.

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –
*This is definitely true because I walked up to him on the street and he didn’t recognize me.


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