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Write, Camp, Teach

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing things. I haven’t blogged in a long time and as someone who might like to be a journalist someday should be ashamed of himself. Sorry.

I am trying to write a 100-page script. I think I have over 70 pages. However, I have only 6 days left. I would totally be finished if I wasn’t busy teaching.*

But . . . this is what I’ve been doing lately.


I joined some seasoned volunteers for an environmental camp for some kids in Batangas. The camp was in Batangas, the kids were from there and other places near the Verde Island Passage. The camp was basically a big event saying, “Hey! You guys live in the “center of the center of marine bio-diversity! You should probably take a few steps to try and protect it!”

I made a few friends there. I also got to know my fellow PCVs a bit better which is always a plus. I also learned a lot myself. For instance, don’t say Global Warming. Say Climate Change!** I helped a ton of kids explore some coral. I helped them check out a mangrove forest. We even helped them learn how to snorkel. Um, but, not in that order. Anyway, I feel like the camp was a huge success! Go Team Go!

My Crew!

My Group

Teacher Training!

Just a few hours ago I was hanging out on the lovely island of Palawan. I took part in another training in Puerto Princesa City. It is a pretty cool place. They are totally into keeping the land grand down in Palawan. It is amazingly refreshing. I saw something I haven’t seen in quite some time. I saw garbage cans! They are also down with recycling.

Anyway, the training went fine. I get the feeling things could have been a lot better. However, I think overall it was a success. I saw quite a few faces light up with that look. That look that says, “This is great! I love what you have to say!” As the instructor I want to see that from every face. However, when I think back upon the faces that got something. Man, that feels good!

Something that was initially frustrating, but in the end quite amusing was my group. Each pair of volunteers had a home room group. The groups were split up into 4. Team Dolphin (My Team) Team Dugong, Team Pawikan, and Team Monitor Lizards! All of the teams were fairly responsive . . . except for Team Dolphin. Most of them were older and a bit set in their ways. Each team was asked to present one volunteer a few times. It was very difficult to get them to respond. At one point, they almost got skipped just because of how painfully obtuse they were acting. Nonetheless, we had the coolest animal name and the best team sound!

Basically my life has been writing scripts, leading camps, and teaching teachers! It’s fun being busy! Working hard and feeling like a real volunteer! Huzzah!***

p.s. – Sorry for the boring update.

*Visit for more information.

**The difference is semantic, but if you’ve ever attempted to read Thomas Aquinas (or many other philosophers) you know how important semantics can be.

***Sometimes being a PCV can be boring, but lately I’ve been busy and having a great time!


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