Cat & Mouse

Just a couple of funny stories:


My house has a rodent problem. I don’t know the difference between mice and rats, The Filipinos say “rats” my girlfriend says “mice”. I don’t care. They leave poop all over the place, chew through my bags of food, and are a general nuisance. I have wanted to get a cat to scare them away. However, despite the fact that many of my friends have easily obtained felines I have not been able to acquire one. I thought about trying other means of getting rid of them. In fact, I spent one day staring at a box of Rat Killer for a good 5 minutes before I realized I just didn’t have the heart to kill them. I just want them out, not dead. I tried desperately to find something that could be a rat repellent to no avail. I either kill them, get a cat, or live with them.

So far . . . I’m living with them.

One night not long ago I woke up to brush my teeth.* I wandered into my kitchen** and when I did I saw a very typical sight. A rodent running away from the light and down the little hole they live in. I was initially surprised and then immediately annoyed. I finished my routine and went back to bed.

I woke up the next morning and as I began to prepare my morning coffee and milo combination I noticed a small dark lump in the corner of my sink. I focused my eyes and noticed that it was a baby rodent. I immediately got annoyed and flicked some water on it assuming that the little lump would run away and down his hole. However, it was too scared and wet to move.

I contemplated my options. My first reaction was to toss him outside, but he was a baby and would die. My second reaction was due to my maternal instincts kicking in, I got a scoop of milo and put it up to his face. He sniffed it and seemed to enjoy himself and as I contemplated keeping him I realized that I was being absurd. I was angered at my conscience because honestly, the best thing for ME would be to throw him out. However, I made the most reasonable compromise and picked him up with my spoon, sat him near the hole they live in, and watched him climb down to his brethren.

As I thought about the previous events I found myself angered at the events of the previous night. The adult just left that little baby all alone out there. It was basically a “it’s me or you, kid” reaction. The adult rodent that left him behind was a D-Bag for sure.


I am getting more and more accustomed to the animals in my house and life. The bugs are annoying, the lizards eat the bugs, the rodents are pests, the neighbor’s chickens are loud, the pigs stink, the goats are weird***, and I want a cat. I don’t own a cat. However, sometimes they find their way into my house. Well, one in particular.

This cat lays on my floor and bolts out when she sees me. I always wish she would stay long enough to make friends and maybe get rid of my rodents, but nope. Well, the other day I wanted to take a nap. I was laying down listening to The Moth Podcast and was getting comfortable when I see something large move in my peripheral vision. I was shocked, but just assumed it was a rat and hit my bed (which generally scares them away).

However, my mind regained full consciousness and I realized that if this was a rodent it was gigantic. I sat up in bed quite freaked out and noticed that it was just the cat! How it got into my locked room I have no idea, but she was there and horribly scared. She ran around in circles and jumped on things trying desperately to get out of the same air space as me. I slowly opened my door. The cat, seeing the light, immediately ran SMACK! into the door head first. She backed up and ran AROUND the door and out of my house. I rolled my eyes, resigned my to the fact that I wasn’t taking a nap NOW, and listened to a very funny story about a woman signing up for and then later trying to escape a “cult”.

Life can be so strange . . .

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

*I fell asleep without completing my usual bedtime routine.

**I have a faucet in my kitchen, but not in the bathroom. A very typical set-up.

***My fellow PCV and site mate, Monique had a goat infestation the other day. We generally leave our doors open to appear social and because it is hot around here and the breeze is pleasant. Well, this goat walked his little goat legs up her steps, then onto her floor, and then got himself all the way up into her house. We shooed him out, but he came back later with a friend. This time with no hesitation they jumped up into the house. I shooed him out, but Monique wanted a picture so we let him come in the third time. He wandered around and Monique was taking pictures. He hopped up onto her “couch” and right as I uttered, “Oh wait! We better get him out before her mark–” he peed all over her sofa-cushions. Hahahaha!!! We couldn’t figure out why they wanted to be in the house. We think it might be because her house is very green.


2 thoughts on “Cat & Mouse

  1. I’m so glad you have a maternal instinct 🙂 You saved him so that he could live a full life before he is eaten by your future cat. That is so kind. I laughed really hard when you called the adult mouse a d-bag by the way. I think we could write a children’s book based on this encounter. The D-bag mouse would be all beefy and would wear a muscle T. If you wrote the tale, I could illustrate.

  2. Farfum says:

    Hello my fellow Peace Corp Volunteer. I hope this message finds you well. My name is Farfum Ladroma and I am an education volunteer in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific. I am writing to you all today because I need your help! My students and I at GPS MATAMAKA (an outer-island Government Primary School in Vava’u) are pursuing a “POSTCARD PROJECT.” I am asking for other PCVs outside of Tonga to please send us a postcard from your host country. We are trying to collect as many postcards from around the world, especially in countries where Peace Corps is currently operating. This project will help enhance my student’s understanding of other cultures and share what Peace Corps volunteers do all across the globe. I will keep a running list of all the postcards received with their origin on my blog at: http://farfumandtonga.blogspot.com/. You may check if your postcard successfully makes it to Tonga. This will be a great cultural exchange for everyone involved and a lot of fun. Please help out if you can and tell everyone you know (even your friends and families back home)! I would greatly appreciate your participation. Thank you very much and malo ‘aupito mei Tonga.
    Please send postcards to:
    c/o Peace Corps
    P.O. Box 136
    Neiafu, VAVA’U

    -Farfum (aka Feleti)

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