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My Friend Bob

Warning: If you do not have a facebook account the videos won’t be accessible to you. For that, I am truly sorry. I offer you this. It hits at the heart of the matter, it just happens to have an internet focus.

I was inspired to make this blog post and pay the trike fare of some fellow human beings because . . .

I have a friend named Bob. He did this.

He was inspired to do that because . . .

He watched a video of guy doing this.

Now, what will you do?

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


4 thoughts on “My Friend Bob

  1. Hey Brandon!

    Looks like everything is going swimmingly in your corner of the world! I liked the videos! Bobby looks really familiar! Apparently he knows one of my other friends who I’m going to attend Coachella with this year!

    Thought you might appreciate this website:
    Some of it is ridiculous and not-so-scientific, but it has the right intentions and LOTS of eye candy (I really like the graphic design!).

    We still need to have a Skype conference when you get a working computer/free time/money!


    • Silly Lance! You need to click on my Links I Like/Inspiration page. We Are What We Do is the 2nd link! Hahahaha! And hm . . . I don’t know where you’d know him from, but he did/does go to OSU so . . . who knows?

      And yeah, a friend of mine actually has a computer that she doesn’t mind lending to me from time to time. We’ll have to make that happen. Unfortunately, it’s summertime over here and I’m pretty busy. But we’ll work it out.

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