peace corps

Ho Hum . . .

Not every post has to be about something interesting, right?

This post will just be about the mundane things.

Apple announced the iPad. The name is gross and the device other than having an E-Reader, does not appeal to me.

I accidentally offended one of my counterparts. Note: Be very VERY careful with sarcasm in The Philippines.

I went swimming and got my back sunburned for the first time. That was quite strange.

I am in Manila in the Peace Corps office because I had to get a vaccine for the H1N1 flu virus.

I lost 3lbs. Not a lot compared to the 20lbs. lost by other volunteers. I am 148lbs. at 5’8″ but my friend Clark is 145lbs. at 6’2″.

I had an asthma attack in the middle of Manila. That sucked.

I have offended people through my blog on more than one occasion. I mean, am I really very incendiary? Because if so . . . AWESOME!*

I will be moving out of my host family stay in a couple of weeks. I have spent 6 weeks with a host family. My independence starts soon!

I actually like eating rice all the time. Ok, that’s only kind of true.

I have become a Pescaterian (I eat fish now), but I think when I live alone I won’t eat fish.

My favorite Filipino food is Tortang Talong. Basically you just fry an egg with eggplant.

I lost the ring my girlfriend bought for me. I suck at life. It slipped off my finger. Probably due to the fact that I lost a little weight.

And I’m tired of writing a post that is little more than a bunch of Twitter updates.

Much Love,

Brandon Holly

*A lot of great historical figures and ALL of my favorites were really good at upsetting people. Perhaps I’m on the right track.


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