Where’s Your Head At?

“under my umbrella, I remember why I smile . . .” – brandon boyd –

I live in my head a lot. Though that is probably typical of writers. It is amazing how detached from the world this particular trait can make person. I will notice myself making expressions based upon what I’m thinking about rather than what is happening in my outside world.

It’s not a horrible trait at least I don’t think so, but it explains why I can sound so clever on paper. I wish my verbal skills would catch up.

Though my mind allows me to travel to places unreachable by any train, plane, or automobile. It allows me to interact with my outside world in ways you extroverted souls could never dream of. You see, when you live in your head boredom can be erased by the slightest breeze. By a passing scent. By a beautiful mountain side covered in bamboo and coconut trees; perfectly complemented by the gentle waves of a blue sea. All of these spark a whirl wind of imagination. They spark a longing, no a yearning for adventure. A feeling so strong that the only thing stopping you from climbing the mountain is the small sensible young Filipino man riding his bike with you.

The Philippines is truly an experience. A culture with almost asany contradictions as American culture. A culture shaped partially by Spain partially by the USA and partially by all of the surrounding Asian nations. I think the Philippines is the exact point where the east meets the west.

I think my biggest problem is constantly being lulled into a false sense of the western world only to be slapped and dragged back out of it by some discrepancy. I wrote about some in an earlier blog, but I experienced one today that I thought was amusing. I wanted some water and so I went to the water jug. A seemingly simple task. That is until you spend a full minute (and that is a longtime considering the task) trying to make the water come. Apparently, some water jugs have a pull tab rather than a push button.

It’s so surreal that I can swim in nearly crystal clear sea blue-green water and with one ten minute bike ride I can feel the sharp sting of exhaust fumes in my lungs. It’s so surreal that I can hear 14yr. Old high school students sing “one way Jesus you’re the only one that I should live for” followed by one of them shouting “f*ck you!” to one of their peers. It’s just a joke and clearly doesn’t carry quite the same amount of weight, but it still blows my mind. It’s Also surreal that I can watch young filipina girls dutifully cover their chests when leaning over for something only to see them tying eggplants around their waists to serve as “penises”. It’s not that I found that horribly offensive it was just very surprising. Though really at this point in time I am not easily surprised.

Oh well, hey, if you are still in the states, save me some snow (or ice if you live in Oklahoma) and wear a scarf and drink a cinnamon chai latte or eggnog or even sit near a fireplace. The great thing about living in paradise is that the weather (when it’s not flooding) is always nice. The downside is that it is difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit when I’m sweating whilst singing “the weather outside is frightful”

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


2 thoughts on “Where’s Your Head At?

  1. theyellowfever says:

    I feel you on the writer’s living inside our heads thing. Sometimes I feel like I put so much energy into the stories and stuff I write that it takes away from me living in the real world.

  2. Lance says:

    Confused about the eggplant as penis concept but the first part of your post reminded me of Death Cab’s song “The New Year,” where Gibbard sings: “I wish the world was flat like the old days/Then I could travel just by folding a map/
    No more airplanes, or speedtrains, or freeways/
    There’d be no distance that can hold us back”. The imagination is a wonderful thing! Highly recommended from the intelligentsia and social critics alike!

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