Let’s Add To The Noise

The first 2 days of my new site have been extremely boring. My supervisor has not been here (she’s been legitimately busy, don’t get the wrong idea), but that means nobody including me really knows what I’m supposed to be doing. Wrong. I do know what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m supposed to be observing classes. But I get the feeling nobody really wants me to do that. And thus, I’m stuck here on the computer that nobody knows how to use. It’s nice because I get free reign to be on it all day. It sucks, because I’m just stuck on this stupid computer all day. I need to break out of my shell and just start talking to people instead, but at the moment I feel nervous and that’s ok. I’ll break out eventually. I always do. It sucks being an extroverted-introvert. I really like people I do, but when I am in a new situation I can become quite quite quiet. Anyway, this time has been well spent on personal goals. I have learned a lot about different grad school programs. I have requested information from a couple of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) I have requested information for a few fellows programs. All in all a pretty good day.

I have also become quite addicted to NYTimes and I think I’ll start bringing a book to class, so at least I can be in the middle of the madness even when I’m not talking. Besides I need to listen to a whole lot of Tagalog even when I’m not speaking it.

The activist in me is boiling, however. You can’t change the world if you’re too shy to do it.

I wrote a quick poem. It’s on the spot with no real editing I might mess with it later, but for now here it is. It’s basically about how someone can change things just by doing SOMETHING. Some of my friends start organizations. Some of my friends move to Africa. But most of my friends are like me and they just aren’t sure what note to start on. This poem is a message to us. Just start playing something. The rest will come.

Add To The Noise

Let’s add to the noise, but in a different key
In a way they can’t ignore.
Raise up your fists and slam hands on tables,
Wake up the sleeping masses.
It’s hard to be you when all that you do
Is sit down and think of the piano keys,
Just start playing a tune and begin to fill the room
The sound might start something that’s new.
You keep pounding a note down and before you realize,
A guitar has begun strumming some chords.
A drum wants to join to bring order and rhythm
And a violin begins to make harmony.
Many others join to play their part
and as you notice the vocalist singing.
She sings of the same things inside of your heart
While her voice is breaking injustices.
And you stand up and stop playing
But you notice something, it’s like you were never gone
Because with one simple note you have started the music
That became it’s own intricate song
A crowd forms, sways, and swoons
And new philosophies begin to bloom!
Next minds begin to change.
All they need is a spark, just one note was the start
And you’ll step back because your part is over.


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