I know I promised a sex post, but I forgot my journal again. You’ll just have to wait. In other news, life in the Phillies can be crazy! I have heard several stories of PCVs trudging through waist deep water to get to safety. A few people were almost mugged by jerks taking advantage of the situation. There is price-gouging (is that the right term?) like crazy! Several of people have died or are dying and there is aid coming from every which direction. Australia alone has given 1,000,000 million dollars which is a bit less than US Dollars, but not by a whole lot. Especially when compared to the 100,000 dollars that the US pledged. Not the point though. The point is tragedy has hit the Phillies in a major way. (I like The Phillies better than the ‘pines)

What’s worse is the fact that there are even more storms heading this way!

Yet here in peaceful Dinalupihan, Bataan, Luzon (Region III), Pilipinas life is going on as usual. The only difference is that a nice cool breeze is rolling in. It blows my mind.

Stay with me kiddos. Poppa Brandon’ll be back with more updates soon!

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


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