May Sakit (My Sah Keet)

Man, so people get SICK up in the ‘pines! No joke. I started out my service finding out that I have a VERY VERY strong asthmatic reaction to mold. I am now taking a steroidal inhaler everyday.

I woke up one morning without the ability to breathe. Not a problem, allow me to take a few puffs of my Primatene Mist (a non prescription inhaler, because I have never been diagnosed with asthma . . . until now.), but it didn’t work. Well, no worries, perhaps this will pass. I sent a text saying that I would miss my technical training because I needed to rest, but then . . .

I couldn’t breathe. No worries, a couple more puffs of my “inhaler” should do the trick. Oh no . . . I still can’t breathe. What do I do!? I sent a text to medical. They sent me a van. I am thinking, “Wow, I really can’t breathe. I am feeling kind of dizzy” Next thing I know I am strapped to an oxygen machine. I feel a painful shot get placed between two of my fingers. It keeps a hole open in my hand so they can add more medicine. They then strap me to another machine.

Holy crap! I can breathe again! The doctor speaks to me in perfect English, which is a nice departure from the usual broken English. He tells me that if mold has caused my allergies in the past that is probably what is causing it now. Especially considering the fact that the Philippines is wet 95 percent of the time. Specifically, at this time of year.

I got back home and looked at my jacket and a couple of my shirts. In small isolated areas they were COVERED with mold. My jacket was the worst. I immediately doused everything with alcohol and took it out of my room.

I have not had an attack since.

You never know how much you miss home until you’re sick.

We have all lost our voices, we have all had diarrhea, we have all thrown up (almost all), and we have all wanted to go home SO BAD. But now we are all on the upswing and we all refuse to go home!


But man it sucks being sick all of the time. It feels like that’s all we talk about.

But, it’s a small price to pay to save the world.

Oh! Speaking of saving the world, I read about two revolutionaries that were from the Philippines. Marcelo Hilario del Pilar and Jose Rizal. They were both writers (so clearly I’m on the correct path), but like all revolutionaries they both died young. Del Pilar basically died from being over worked. He was penniless and contracted Tuberculosis at 45. Rizal died at 35. They were both working for the fair treatment of Filipinos. Spain was basically being quite the bully. They differed because Del Pilar thought the best path to take was to become a province of Spain. That way, everyone would be a Spanish citizen and couldn’t be persecuted on the basis of being Mestizos, Filipinos, or Indios. Rizal wanted to have a peaceful resolution to the problem, but wanted The Philippines to be completely independent.

Pretty interesting, no?

Until next time – Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

p.s. – My next blog will be about sex and the peace corps. I meant to post it today, but I left my journal at home.


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