I helped teach for the first time in a Filipino High School. Now, let me clarify. Filipino High School is really more like American Jr. High School. The age range is about 12 to 20 (roughly) so the classes are much different than they are in America.

Nonetheless, I lead the “motivator”. According to the DepEd (Department of Education) there is a very specific way classes should go (my role as a Peace Corps volunteer is to break the paradigm) so every class supposedly starts with a motivator. Keep in mind we are required to observe before we teach and NOT ONE teacher did a motivator. However, they had every intention of forcing me to do one for them.

Thus, I made a motivator.

They had to translate Filipino conjunctions into English.

I would have a sequence of sentences that look like this:

Matalino at Maganda si Jessica

Jessica is Smart __ Nice.

The class would have to tell me the word that was supposed to go there.

These children are much smarter than there teachers give them credit for. Filipino teachers are the least paid skilled profession, kind of like America. Fortunately, teachers in America teach because they want to. (At least usually) Teachers in the Philippines do it just because they gotta make the pisos (pesos) somehow. Thus, they are very unmotivated and don’t seem to care much about the students. This is a generalization so don’t go around saying Filipino Teachers suck.

Anyway, I told the class that I would give them candy if they did well. And they did well. The problem is that Filipino Classrooms are much larger than American classrooms. So now I’m stuck buying 100 pesos worth of candy for these kids. This translates to roughly 2 American Dollars. But for an unpaid PCV . . . this translates to being broke for the next week.


Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –


3 thoughts on “Eskwelahan

  1. Vickie H says:

    Hahaha…. this is a very creative and just all around good post. You’re becoming a better writer all the time! I’m impressed! 🙂

  2. Vickie H says:

    Oh crap that above comment was supposed to go on the post where you are describing the people you live around. Your “cast.”

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