Birthday in the Philippines!

I am struggling a lot with the language. Tagalog has no rules! It just has patterns. I still don’t know what the heck that means, but our language teacher won’t give us anything set in stone.

Um, anyway, about my birthday.

It was a lot of fun! I got to start out the day meeting with a ton of other PCT’s for shots! That was exciting! They didn’t hurt, but 70 people waiting in a small house for shots isn’t the best way to spend your birthday. UNLESS, you are happy to see all of those people. And I was. I got several birthday wishes and candy. I tricked them into believing I didn’t have to get shots because it was my birthday. That was a lie. Plus, I don’t really want rabies in the Philippines anyway. Or this strange Japanese somethingorother shot I had to get.

A mall trip was planned for after getting shots, but we weren’t leaving for another hour. Thus, I decided to travel to the river. Their is a small river that flows across the street from me. However, I had never gone and I had at that point never traveled without another person (Filipino or American). I was a bit nervous.

I kept walking and walking and walking hoping to find the road that led to the river. After an awkward, “Oh no! I guess I’s goin’ the wrong way!” I turned around.

I knew this particular “sari sari” (basically an outside convenience store) store was close, so I just went to it. Besides, I needed to load my phone with more text messages.

They were completely unreceptive. The two ladies that ran the place were washing clothes outside. I am not confident in the language after only 2 weeks, so I just waved at them. They both looked annoyed especially the older woman. But she got up and loaded my phone. She told me if everything was good and instead of just saying “OK” I said, “Sige” (the basic Tagalog equivalent) and she flipped out! The older woman got excited too! She turned to me and said, “Tagalog?” I responded with “Konti” (a little) and she suddenly brightened up. I took this as my opportunity. “Saan sa ilog po?” (Where is the river, ma’am?) She told me and I said “Salamat po” (Thank you, ma’am) and she began joking with me and offering her child for 100 pesos. I began walking, but I was still going the wrong way. A boy in one of the PCT’s neighborhoods took me.

It was nice. It would make a good hang out spot.

After that we went to the mall. I got some pasalubong (food gifts) for my family and got a loofa. A couple of friends bought me a slice of cheese pizza and an ice cream cone.

My “Filipino” b-day is today. It should be fun!

But, that’s all I got for now.


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