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Room For Comfort

Yeah, so the Philippines is a little different. Let me tell you about the bathrooms. First of all, they are not called bathrooms. They are called Comfort Rooms. Sometimes they have a toilet, sometimes it is just a squatter, but MOST of the time it is a toilet without a seat cover. You kind of position yourself over it and let the magic happen.

Now, there is something very important that you should know about these toilets. Most of the time you DO have a toilet. But you NEVER have toilet paper. Oh no. You see, for the most part, asian pipes can’t handle T.P. instead you have a Tabo. A little pail that you use to get water um . . . where it needs to be. You can imagine what happens next. After all is said and done, you waddle your butt like a duck and put your pants back on.

Well, the toilet at my Bahay (house) is in one little concrete room. The room contains the toilet and the shower. I try to schedule my number 2’s around the same time I shower as to minimize the grossness of the whole experience.

Anyway, I was feeling sick (I get asthmatic from mold and the Philippines is ALWAYS wet) and just grabbed the shower head. I grabbed it a bit too hard. And it totally came off! Now, keep in mind I am wet, naked, and holding the shower head. I rinsed off as best as I could and ran my naked behind (I had a towel on) to my room to throw on my clothes, so that I could break the news to my host family.

I put my clothes on quickly, I was still dripping a bit, and walked outside shamefully to show my family how stupid I am. I expected worried faces telling me that it was ok, but secretly they would be angry.

Instead . . . the sight of a clothed, but dripping wet Black American holding a shower head in his hand was HILARIOUS. First my host mom cracked up, and then the kids turned around and began laughing. They then screamed “Tatay! Tatay! (Dad)” and he laughed the hardest.

I forgot something very important. My host father is a carpenter and welder. Fixing a broken shower head was EXTREMELY simple to him. It was fixed in 5 minutes.

Even though everything turned out ok. I still felt horrible.

Well, that’s all I got for tonight. (Morning for you kids in the states)

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

p.s. – I have limited time in this internet cafe (there is no coffee the name was quite deceiving) so pardon my errors.


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