Kumusta! or Hello! Tagalog has a lot of Spanish words mixed in, please note that “hello” in Tagalog sounds a lot like cómo está “how are you” in Spanish.

Anyway, I have had a very eventful few days. This first week has been training and I am beat. We have had to sit and listen to people talk at us for 8 hours each day. All we do is sit and eat. I’m sure this will all change soon, but if things keep going the way they are I will definitely be 20 pounds heavier by the time I reach the states. Filipinos or Pinoys (don’t use the word Pinoy in the states though, it’s derogatory . . . it’s kind of like the “N” word in that sense) love to eat. And rice means a ton of carbs and a ton of carbs equals a fat Brandon.

I’m actually kidding, I have lost a pound.

Nonetheless, these few days have been extremely stressful. Getting through the airports weren’t too bad. Carrying all of the bags was annoying, but manageable. However, ever since I arrived at site a lot of crap has happened to me.

My second day I was in paradise. Literally, the hotel we are staying at is a resort. People get full body massages every night! I don’t, because of one particular person. I’ll tell you about that later. Anyway, the second day I am taking pictures of my beautiful surroundings and because I am ADD like crazy I leave my camera on a table. And now . . . I have no camera. I am in the middle of paradise and I can’t share it with anyone!

So naturally, that sucks. THEN! We were on a bus to go to the beach. The bus ride is looong and boooring and because I’m ADD like crazy. I lost my VERY NICE journal and ALSO my FREAKING DRIVER’S LICENSE and ALSO the equivalent of about 5 dollars (okay so the 5 bucks isn’t a big deal, but my LICENSE!?). Anyway, the guy took me all the way to the bus station to check the bus.

We found:
1- Journal (hooray!)
1- Eyeglass case w/eyeglasses (hooray!)
0- I.D. or 5 dollars (boo . . . )

I am definitely keeping everything as close as possible from now on.

Oh! We also went to the 3rd biggest mall in the world! The Mall of Asia! We just went to buy cell phones! I’ll put my number up if you wanna call! You’ll have to get an international phone card. It will cost you a whole lot less than it will cost me.

p.s. – The Philippines is 13 hours ahead of Oklahoma. If you are outside of Oklahoma just do the math based on that.

In other words, it is about noon right now in Oklahoma. In the Philippines it is about 1 in the morning.

Oh! The massage story. Ok, so my roommate got a massage. He was down to his boxers, but the man was like “off with ALL of your clothes. My roommate complied. Well, my roommate was being rubbed with oil. It felt good. He was naked. Biology took over from there. He was terrified that one of the other two would walk in and see him. We did not. But this did not save him from an awkward situation.

Also, the whole reason I titled this blog choices is because I never knew how different I would be from other Peace Corps volunteers. I am SO different.

I can never have any fun with the “I never” game. My friends and I play like this, “Never have I ever pooped in a kiddie pool” And . . . most of my friends have. (I keep good company) However, everyone else plays it like this, “Never have I ever had sex with more than 2 people” . . . and EVERYONE’S hands go up . . . other than mine.

They all wanted me to play, so I stood up and said, “Let me prove to you why this game will never be fun for me!” We didn’t have drinks (well not enough) so we all just held up 5 fingers and every time you HAVE done something you put a finger down. Thus, I held up all 5 of my fingers and said, “Never have I ever had sex . . . period” And EVERYONE put a finger down other than me. Next came the, “Oh, Brandon, it will feel SOOO good when you experience it it will . . .” I reply, “I don’t need that, I am just stepping out now”

In other news, I turn 23 in 17 more days. A fellow volunteer is freaking out because she turns 23 today! I told her not to feel old because otherwise I am old.

I’m not old.

I don’t feel old.

Anyway, that’s just a little taste of what’s going on in my neck of the world.

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

p.s. – Everyone has diarrhea

p.p.s – Before you ask, everyone means EVERYONE


2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. The sitting and boring listening sessions get alot worse dude. But just go to your happy place. You can do it. As for being different from everyone (just like i was) soon you will all be similar enough to count them as your family. Chin up buddy! write some and laugh more.

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