“. . . there’s good deeds and there’s good intention, they’re as far apart as heaven and hell” – Ben Harper

That quote is from a song called Ground On Down.

I hate the truth of that statement. I have SO MANY good intentions. If one were to contrast my good deeds with my good intentions they would quickly find that I rarely do anything. At least, not in comparison to what I’d LIKE to do. This whole blog is mental masturbation. I get to wax poetic on the topic, but without anything to show for my musings. Well, other than a bunch of words.

I’m somewhat kidding of course. If I felt this blog served no purpose I would end it immediately.

In other news, I have received a lot of information from the Peace Corps and it is freaking me out! I have a lot of stuff to figure out before and after I leave the country. The instructions are detailed, but because I have never done anything like this I can’t seem to conceptualize anything. I am sure there will be people who can help me. It is just completely nerve-wracking!

Oh! Also, I totally conquered my fear. I love when you do something you are afraid of and you later wonder what was so terrifying.

I feel bad about my lack of actions and my plethora of thoughts, but I will not stop looking, reading, and searching. My thoughts will always out number my actions. Nonetheless, I believe there is hope in that somewhere. At least, as long as I take action. Though I am ashamed. It doesn’t mean I will stop fighting.

– Brandon Holly –


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