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Update: Lance Stephens provided me with the despairware website. It was not my discovery. All credit goes to him!

I’m listening to Sufjan Stevens. The song “For The Widows In Paradise . . .” is one of my favorites. It always gives me goosebumps. The song devoid of lyrics would touch me, but the lyrics are nice and comforting as well. I think it has a spiritual undertone hinting at the G-d I believe exists. A benevolent Father, one who invites not demands, one who has your best interests in mind simply because you’re His child. Comment if your curious. Just to throw a few things out there since I’m on the topic. No, I don’t believe in hell. Yes, I am agnostic. Just instead of thinking, “Eh, probably not” I think, “Eh, probably so”. This is not a religious blog, but I know people wonder about things like that. I’ll stop now.

I just read my friend’s blog and she wrote about feeling like Africa’s problems: problem problem problem were her fault and/or responsibility. I feel that way when it comes to every global crisis I hear or read about as well. It makes you feel so inadequate. Crippling compassion is what I’ll call this feeling. She feels the same way.

You get so down about everything, you fail to do anything.

Human beings are such strange creatures. I wonder why our experiences are so different based on region of the world. Why does America get to be so powerful, but Africa is riddled with sickness and corruption? Not that the U.S. is corruption free, but I think you get what I mean. Why is Japan rich while the Philippines are poor? I could go on and on.

It is so easy to forget that little efforts build up.

Just like a few vegetarians help the environment in little ways. It is not economically viable for everyone to suddenly become vegetarian, but the few people that are living that way help. Less meat means less transport exhaust, less land being cleared, less soil erosion, etc. A little bit helps!

Just like a bit of blood and plasma can save hundreds to thousands to millions of lives.

Just like a few helpers down at the mission mean fewer hungry children on the streets.

Just like a few passionate people can save a country.

Just like a few creative minds can restructure the way people interact (social networking)

Just like a few moments taken to write a blog might inspire someone.

I think the most important step to take when it comes to saving the world, is the first step.


Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

P.S. – Sorry about friday. I totally forgot my own update schedule. I promise I will get better.


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