Thoughts Pt. I

The only reason I called this pt. 1 is because of the fact that this will be my go to title when a blog does not lend itself a specific title.

Anyway . . .

I STILL have not received any word on where to send my passport photos. Though I just filled out two lengthy questionnaires. I told them I preferred to eat vegetarian (though the reality of that happening is very slim . . . at least if I want to be healthy), I would rather live with a young family, and I would rather live in a family without kids. I actually do not care if the family has kids or not. From what I hear, it is probably rare to be in a family without kids. However, like I mentioned, I don’t mind either way. Though maybe I should warn them my schadenfreude acts up more often around children. It is not that I WANT to see little kids get hurt. It’s just kind of funny . . . if it’s not serious.

Alright, so I’m kidding and really only said that because I wanted to use the word schadenfreude. Let’s face it! There are NOT many instances in which that word needs to be used. Well, unless you’re particularly morbid I suppose.

Anyway, I really do not have much to say other than those things. I’ll see you friday!

Much Love,

– Brandon Holly –

p.s. – I feel bad for the short posts lately, so here is a great link!


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